Cute brotha with a big dick is not shy


Endowed black stud shows off his boner in the bathroom. Would you suck his big ass dick? Watch it grow within seconds…

18 thoughts on “Cute brotha with a big dick is not shy

  1. I would like to kiss and suck every spot of your sexy body. Oh, please show us your sexy ass, your delicious ass hole mmmmmm

  2. We should all accept our destiny instead of spewing out hate. One of the reasons why racism still exists is due to the fact that the white man feels inferior because his penis is smaller than most black men’s dicks. How can you ever blame the brothas for being blessed by God with huge cocks and strong bodies? Accept the facts and learn to appreciate the pleasure a black man can bring to a woman of any color.

  3. I appreciate terry’s statement a lot, he is absolutely right, but I’m sure as well that many white guys are crazy about the wonderful bodies, cocks and asses of black menö

  4. I have never been with a black man before but have always imgined what it would be like to have a thick, long and great tasting BBC in my mouth and even my ass. I dont consider myself gay but for some reason a strong black man makes me wanna get on my knees and suck like there is no tomorrow. I realize I would have loved being dominated by a big black bull all day & night and give him whatever he wishes at anytime. if any BBC’s need to be serviced in hit me up at

  5. I saw him on Blackcockchurch too. Where are y’all getting these videos because I need MORE MORE MORE!!!!

  6. I would like to suck this beautiful black guy in reality, suck his lovely balls and of course give him a long delicious rim job.
    If the wonderful guy would like me to do that with him, he should give me an answer.

  7. Mmmmmm. Such a handsome Cock…straight, long, hard. i admit it, i wanted to drop to my knees and such Him off.

  8. my poor husband, feels so inadequate watching these vids with me. his tongue will be busy tonight. poor baby does not measure up.

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