Even for a black man this brotha is huge!


We got this clip of a real thick black cock from Beercan10: “My dick is super thick, wrist-thick. I’m 49 yrs old and this dick has done some serious damage over the years. If it’s too big, just kiss it…

18 thoughts on “Even for a black man this brotha is huge!

  1. damnnnnn!!!! how can i contact you to experience that huge, super-thick black dick. as a black male to another black male, i’m impressed!!!! (would love to connect with you).

  2. thats just amazing …surely there must be more video’s ..and better filming and much longer ..how can i find out

  3. sorry guys, but size matters and this man has size!!!! a girl likes a big one, what can I say. it’s nice to feel full.

  4. I would like to taste that cock…i am a black lady, age 31…Im 5 inch3 tall and curvacious.I live in London.Pls contact me at that email add :-)) i want that cock!!

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