That nigga dick is bigger than his wrist


Another fine brotha who likes taking matters into his own hands. With a dick size like this, you easily get confused and start thinking he has moved from spanking his cock to massaging his leg! Who wants to spend the night playing with that huge cock?

14 thoughts on “That nigga dick is bigger than his wrist

  1. GOTTT DAMN! I feel sorry for the asshole that take that…mine can’t do nothin but wink at it! But I sho wouldn’t mind trying to suck them babies out!

  2. I just hate to see a brother have to work that hard…let me handle that for you. Slide every inch of that monster down my velvety smooth slippery slobbery deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep throat and pump my eager lil mouth full of steamy hot nigger jizz!

  3. I wish I could spend the night playing with that big black cock and wish he fuck my horny white ass the whole night long
    I love that guy mmmmmm

  4. dat nastystick is sumthin fierce babi. I would work on dat all nite till da break of dawn and start all ova again. I would luv 2 c it bust while i worked him too, sumthin dat big. oh yeah.

    1. I find your comment amusing. Because inquired among us. they fuck then the tail, not the man, so people behind it, right? Apparently you don\’t care about the face, might as well be a dog or a chimp, correct? My goodness, you\’re all so ready in your human skull. They could also use a dildo that serves the same purpose. Syphilis Juhu

  5. I would let this motha use all three of my holes…love to take his nutt in all three of em… to have him hold off from jacking for a week before he nutts and see how much he cums.

  6. A superior cock that you will never forget. Sucking it is the only appropriate way to interact with it

  7. Hi I’m a white guy that love s bbc I saw your cock my ass got so wet I want to cum all over your cock I’m white but only had black cocks I bet I can get u hard in a min email me and I will show u I can fuck I’m horny I want it

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