Long black dicks rule the world!


Playing with his black monster snake. Wanna join the fun?

4 thoughts on “Long black dicks rule the world!

    1. I thought all the talk about black men was a bunch of crap. Then I experienced it in reality. My wife and I were on a short 3 dy holiday in Miami. We were having dinner and a black man came up to us and asked if he could dance with my wife. I said, that’s up to her and she said sure. I watchted them dancing and saw nothing unusual. I went to the men’s room and when I returned they were no where to be seen. I kept looking but they were gone.
      I asked the waitress if she had seen them and she said no. I ordered another drink and decided to wair, figuring they would return soon. An hour and a half later they still had not returned. I was tired and decided to go to our room figuring she would eventully come to our room. Well, when I opened the door I got the shock of my life! There they were naked in bed. Obviously they had had sex. I sat in the chair in shock. I could see he was endowed a lot better than me. My wife looked up and said, Hi Honey! I was speechless.
      He sat up and said, oh, Hi.
      Then he pulled my wife’s hand to his crotch and she began jerking it and it got hard fast. He was at least 8 or 9 inches. I watched him mount my fife, enter her and fuck her right there in front of me. There was absolutely nothing I could do. That fast a total stranger, a black man, had danced with my wife for maybe 15 minuts and seduced her that fast.
      Men, don’t thin k it could not happen to you, because it can. Fast!

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