Stalkers follow his big dick everywhere!


He calls himself “The Real Hung Mandingo” and those words are as true as they get! OMG!

18 thoughts on “Stalkers follow his big dick everywhere!

  1. U don’t know what u have, do you? Imma try u and say that you come see me in FL anytime, and i’ll pay 4 ur trip cumin/going. U get at me @ ill show u how that could be used.

    1. That’s unscientific and nonsense. Embarrassing what you write. Does the black guy have a face too? Probably not…

  2. Both women and men know that a man with big penis has an advantage when it comes to sex. Both physically and visually he will be more of a man. A woman knows she will feel so much more when he penetrates her, than a man with a smaller penis. And men know it too.
    In the eyes of both men and women, a big penis will look both impressing, sexy and fascinating. Regardless of sexuality, men will prefer to see big penises when they watch porn movies. A small dick in the movie simply does not convince.
    When men see a man with a big penis naked, they instinctively feel inferior to him. They will no longer feel equal to him.
    “one guy who’s kinda “submitted” to me because my penis is much bigger than his, but he’s not the only one. Ever so often I find other males doing that too, and I don’t mind. It feels right in some way that a smaller bro should show some respect for a bigger bro, just like it is in the animal world. After all, humans are just sophisticated animals and the idea that there are Alpha-Males, beta-males, and even gamma-males still strikes a cord with me.”
    It is natural to feel respect and admiration to man with a bigger penis. For men with average penises this does not mean they will submit and start serving the bigger man, but the respect will be there.
    For a small dick like me, I know I am at the bottom of the male hierarchy, well aware that most men – even if they are not huge – are more sexually attractive and equipped, more manly and masculine than me. They all deserve and have my respect and admiration.

    1. When men see a man with a big naked penis, they instinctively feel inferior to him. You will not feel up to it anymore.
      “One who ‘subordinated’ to me because my penis is much bigger than his, but he’s not the only one, I keep finding other men who do that, and I do not mind, it feels in In a sense it is true that a younger brother should pay some respect to a larger brother, as is the case in the animal world, since humans are only sophisticated animals, and the idea that there are alpha males, beta males and even Gamma male gives, still hits me. ”

      They really write big nonsense therefore. Unfassar how idiotic you can act

  3. i want to see that fat black cock fucking my wives tight white peirced pussy .then cummin deep in her so i can suck it out.

  4. I have a small dick and i complete agree with Dave. after seeing the video, I felt myself useless and very low. Any time it is my privilege to suck your dick and will love to obey your instructions

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