This black dick is a work of art


Enjoy this brother’s fit body, cute face, and huge dick. Nice length and girth: 12 inches of dark meat just for you. His back must be hurting from carrying that big cock around. Wanna help him lift it?

13 thoughts on “This black dick is a work of art

  1. OMG!!! This brother needs to be in the “Cock and Hole Hall of Fame!” Beautiful cock! I would love to catch his next nut! Mmmmmmmmm…

  2. GOTDAMMMMMN! This man got the total package, and a little extra…and a sexy ass voice. I’d be scarred to meet ’em, cause I’d be lost and turned out…

  3. i like the size of your light-skinned dick. I’m straight but a little curious of seeing it. where are u from? i would lOVE to meet both of u, if u know what i mean. add me on myspace.

  4. A foot long. That is crazy. No wonder he got a deep voice. Anybody know if there are other vids or cam shows with him. Like Celie in The Color Purple. Mister….M-I-S-T-E-R (period).

  5. Wow!! A feast for the eyes!! That is a real black Adonis. What a body and huge cock!!. Would love to jerk off that monster and more. Squirt that black cum all over this subservient white guy!!

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