A real man is black and well-equipped with a huge dick


Being in denial doesn’t change the fact that size matters and the toilet roll challenge demonstrates it perfectly. This black stud is not even hard yet but even at this early stage, his dick is much bigger than most Asian and Caucasian men’s small penises. Size does matter. Learn to embrace it. Learn to love it.

8 thoughts on “A real man is black and well-equipped with a huge dick

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  2. There’s no doubt that some black men are truly blessed with monster cocks. They truly are a sight to behold.

  3. Mmm they all are beautiful and they deserve a eager blow job with plenty of tongue worship from the tip of their cocks all the way down to their cum filled black balls

  4. Some black men have such huge cocks it’s amazing. The thing is even when they’re still soft they’re bigger than most cocks. The first time I ever saw a black man undress was at my office. The darn thing almost went right to his knee. He told me it was 11 inches long but darn it sure looked bigger to me. I was literally bewildered at the size of it.

  5. I would love to have you teach me how to worship your big thick black cock and let you describe how you would make me feel so good and let you be the first one to penetrate my tight little virgin pussy and shoot your big thick black load of your cum deep inside of my tight little creamy pussy and let you describe how much cum you would shoot in my hungry mouth

  6. That monster may not fit in the toilet paper role but it certainly can fit in my mouth! It would find a good home there. I would swallow ther loads of cum you would produce.

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