Bro got the looks and the dick


Some guys have it all, like this black stud posing with his big dick. The brotha needs a better camera and microphone but there is NOTHING wrong with that tasty big black pipe of his. Cute as fuck with a sexy attitude and all that dick.

3 thoughts on “Bro got the looks and the dick

  1. Come to st.louis id love to suck and take u. Ima slim sexy downlow yellowbone dude. Pics i send. 314.683.8570 miny

  2. Such a nice cute guy now If I got the chance and Suzy allowed me to! I could most certainly do something for him!
    Pity about the microphone and camera as with a better handling of that equipment he would have really made me hot. As it is I hope we see more of him, so nice and well, this blonde girl really fancies him!

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