Flexible black dick dance and stroking it


Blessed black boy with a nice long dick. He strokes it and shakes it around to show us all the meat he be packin. Ends with a nice cum shot and lots of jizz dripping from the dick.

10 thoughts on “Flexible black dick dance and stroking it

  1. Dis mutha could get my damn check babi, DAMN, dat shi! is ridiculous babi. Damn i know i couldnt take it, but i would give it all i had. Lol

    1. I find your comment amusing. Because inquired among us. they fuck then the tail, not the man, so people behind it, right? Apparently you don\’t care about the face, might as well be a dog or a chimp, correct? My goodness, you\’re all so ready in your human skull. They could also use a dildo that serves the same purpose.

  2. Almost went throught he entire vid without an explosion from that gorgeous piece of black meat. Not disappointed! Wow! Let me take care of that monster for you sir and do the heavy lifting.You should always have someone to work it. Surprised that thing can stand up on its own it’s so big.

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