Very fit brotha with a huge monster dick


Hot chocolate indeed in Wesman’s bathroom jack off session. The brotha is a muscular stud with a big black dick and it seems he could use your helping mouth…

13 thoughts on “Very fit brotha with a huge monster dick

  1. TRUST ME! Niggaz know,whiteboyz suck some Damn GOOD Dick! they Deepthroat that shit, like Pro! Nigga lov that shit! making damn Nigga HARD! Deep Inside, Nigga feel GOOD! Shit feeling GOOD! Whiteboyz make that shit HARD! Trust me! I lov watchin’ some whiteboy, down on between my legz, WORSHIPING my shit! shit be growing NON-Stop, shit be STANDING like STEEL! oozing pre-cum! Licking every sweet drop! Hungry whiteboyz lov my Uncut Dik! Told me, Uncut be Juicy! whiteboyz lov that shit! thirsty throat HUNGRY! TRUST ME! felt that shit pump deep! pumping spewed, non-stop! I shot every drop, down that thirsty throat! whiteboyz swallow every damn drop! Call that shit Nigga Juice! taste sweet!

    1. Oh I 100% agree I worship all black cocks they are my gods and their cocks are my savior the sperm is my sacrament to serve them well as a sex slave White boy

  2. Doesn’t get much better than this. WESMAN…a name he will make sure you remember. The body is amazing and the handfull can only be called the magic stick. Any other vids or cam shows? Much respect from the ATL. Ohhh yeah..I like the ears too.

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