He wants to know if you like what you see here?


We received this video from JS, an 18 yo guy with 8 x 7″ dick: “I would love some comments!

4 thoughts on “He wants to know if you like what you see here?

  1. Mmmmm I want that fat musky musty big hairy chocolate cock in me, on me, in my face, and i want those masculine big stinky feet and stinky boots in face during freaky sex and foot slaving bigman get me addicted to the smell and all your rough manhood ways you got for me. I want you head to toe. I’m feeling you. I’m sure you’d fuck me real nasty and well. I’m in St.Louis, Missouri. Call me anytime. (314)683.8570

  2. Nice. It’s a shame to see that Cum wasted… I would have enjoyed Sucking that Dick and draining every drop from those Balls!

  3. Love your Beautiful Big Black Cock
    My mouth and tounge are very jealous of your hands. I would love to suck and swallow for you.
    blownbydougie at g mail com

  4. i wanna smell all between ur thighs. but only if the nuts are musty. i like musty smellin’ azzhole too on a nigga

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