Size matters and black means big!


Can’t seem to keep his dick in his pants – and he shouldn’t!! This horny brotha is playin around with his big whoppin black dick and shares the nut.

4 thoughts on “Size matters and black means big!

  1. No, you shouldn’t be offering another hand, how about your wet warm mouth? LOL…that’s what he really wants..SHYT I’d give that to hum..Did you know when you SUCK the nut outta these’s a hint..and they will be IMPRESSED with your skills, when you suckin their big diks..and they go to cum…and you swallow the bulk of their load…and you take it out to lick the sides…but it back in your mouth and slowly stroke out the rest..cause there is some more cum still in that HUGE/Long TRACK…and then when you pull it back out at the end..make sure you mention that you had to GET all of that cum..down to the last drop. If you watch black guys jerk off, you’ll see after the initial nut..that they gently “squeeze” their diks from the base to the tip to get the last drops of they cum out…’re man will love ya for that!

  2. DAMN!! I’d LUV 2 get skull-fucked, choked n gagged by dis dude’s HUGE black dick! HOT! HOT! HOT!

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